can’t touch this 


can’t touch this 

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Finalists for the 2014 Bisexual Book Awards:

(listed alphabetically by title)

Bisexual Fiction

  • The City of Devi by Manil Suri, W. W. Norton & Company
  • Corona by Bushra Rehman, Sibling Rivalry Press
  • Hild by Nicola Griffith, Farrar, Straus and Giroux
  • The Last Place She’d Look by Arlene Schindler, ExtravaGonzo
  • My Education by Susan Choi, Viking Adult
  • The Spirit of Detroit by Frank Anthony Polito, Woodward Avenue Books
  • The Two Hotel Francforts by David Leavitt, Bloomsbury

Ooh, gonna suggest my work buys these

The fundamental difference between the 19th century romantic novels and the contemporary romances that borrow heavily from them is in the self-possession of the heroines. Although the unmarried and all but dowerless Elizabeth Bennet and the orphan governess Jane Eyre are in positions of greater social vulnerability than their contemporary counterparts, neither 19th-century heroine is willing to sacrifice self-respect in order to gain financial security or love. …By contrast, the scenes in which Bella Swan and Anastasia Steele literally fall at the heroes’ feet and rely on the heroes’ strength to stand foreshadow each heroine’s willingness to stay in a relationship with a man whose dominance overwhelms her sense of self, and without whom she seems lost.

Kristina Deffenbacher, Professor of English at Hamline University in Saint Paul, Minnesota:


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Why Ceci NEEDS To See Avatar: The Last Airbender Cartoon

Okay, so. My amazing friends Joe and Sarah have a little girl (who is almost a year old, OH MY GOD) named Ceci. Who is AMAZING. And Joe and Sarah have been really awesome about introducing Ceci to cartoons they loved as kids (All things Disney, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so on).

So, even though it’s not from my childhood, I’ve been thinking recently that Ceci needs to watch Avatar: The Last Airbender. And since I’m a big freak, I started to think of reasons WHY Ceci needs to watch it, and thus this post was born. So. Without further ado…


(in no particular order)

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Happy National Coming Out Day

To all! Though of course I first have to emphasize what I’ve been seeing elsewhere on the internet—this holiday is sweet and well meaning but ultimately VOLUNTARY. No one should feel pressured to come out before they have to. Don’t feel ready? Don’t come out. It’s cool.

THAT said—I’ve been out to some people since college, but not to EVERYONE, so I guess this is, in a way my coming out. 

Guys, don’t fall over from shock or anything, but I’m bisexual. 

I’m bisexual in that I have dated girls and guys in the past, and while I now admit I look at guys more than girls, I refuse to eliminate the possibility that I may be with a girl in the future. It’s about keeping my mind, and my options, open when it comes to future romantic relationships.

Not that I have many of those. Grump. 

But anyway, in this way I find I’m increasingly in the majority. Which I find REALLY cool. Josh Hutcherson, star of The Hunger Games, said just the other day that “I think defining yourself as 100 percent anything is kind of near-sighted and close-minded” and that "Maybe I could say right now I’m 100 percent straight. But who knows? In a f–––ing year, I could meet a guy and be like, ‘Whoa, I’m attracted to this person.’"

That! That exactly! Except my percentages would probably differ and honestly, I’m not crazy about giving percentages of any kind since I think sexuality in general tends to be crazy-fluid and number-defying (sorry Kinsey). 

In general I tend not to date much, the reasoning behind which is long-winded and boring, and rooted in a long history of anxiety problems and self esteem and body image issues (WOO, depression trifecta!). 

But, if in the future I feel secure in myself to date—I may date someone who identifies male, or someone who identifies female. 

Just an FYI. 

Have a good day, kids. 

Somedays I Think

I’m stuck in one of those hipster indie movie trailers, where everyone is quirky and ultimately loveable—but I haven’t entered the ‘montage to upbeat folk pop’ part yet. I’m still stuck in the ‘god this sucks’ prologue.

i need to stop reading gay fanfiction and start reading my textbook assignments
actual thing that the girl sitting next to me in the library actually said to her friend (via birdcagestyles)
You realize you are not alone, right? No one in their twenties has life figured out. It’s okay to be a mess. You’re living.
Things my therapist told me today that almost made me burst out into tears. I need to remember this more often. (via michaelassbendr)

SweaterKittensAhoy!: "Of Grave Importance" opens with our introduction to Annie, a female...


"Of Grave Importance" opens with our introduction to Annie, a female hunter who then goes missing.

And she slept with Bobby and Dean and Sam.

Because of course she did.

I mean, really, Supernatural, are you even trying not to be an asshole at this point? Like, there is nothing wrong with a…

I didn’t watch any of season 7 or 8, and with every blog you post I applaud that personal decision…

Good news thought, the season 9 premiere was pretty solid!

I AM Robin Sherbatsky. 

Hey, Sarge, I need someone to fill out a lineup. Will you be Scary Terry?

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Top Gear is one of the best things BBC has ever produced 

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Oh look. My life. 

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